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ZZZZZ (The Barefoot Queen Bee).

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Zzzzz was an episode of the Outer Limits and is the name of a supernatural character also known as The Barefoot Queen Bee. She first appeared in Justice League of America #23 (November 1963). She is a character in the DC Universe in the Earth-1 dimension. She was created by Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky, and Bernard Sachs.

ZZZZZ, The Barefoot Queen Bee.
Real Name: Barefoot Elura Regina Zazzala.

ZZZZZ is the name of the half-alien genetically-enhanced metahuman- insect hybrid mutate known as Barefoot Queen Zazzala, the Barefoot Queen Bee. She appeared on television in a 1999 episode of "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World" and in a 1964 episode of the original "The Outer Limits." She went on to become a DC Comics super-villain and one of the many arch-enemies of the powerful Justice League of America.

Physical Appearance:
The Barefoot Queen Bee's raiment is merely a dress,
or an armored bee-themed swimsuit or bodysuit.
Her body is usually completely slickened over with honey.
She is most often nude, and she is always barefoot.

Group Affiliations:
Hiveworld of Korll
Injustice League
Secret Society of Super-Villains

Powers and Abilities:
Immortality, eternal youth.
Genetic manipulation, alien science.
Transformations into a giant bee.
Size-shifting of herself and others.
Multi-faceted eyes able to see in the ultraviolet spectrum.
Night vision.
Accelerated healing.
Resistance to heat, cold, and pain.
Superhuman strength and speed.
Stealth, moves quietly on her always bare feet.
Strong swimmer and diver, strong resistance to drowning.
Suspended animation for long periods while submerged in honey.
Flight using the gossamer wings that sprout from her back.
Psychic, empathic, and telepathic abilities.
Hypnosis/Mind control.
Mastery of Magno-Nuclear Rod to control and/or transform slaves.
Ability to release mind-confusing "pollen" powder.
Venomous stinger darts.

The Lost World: "Nectar."

South America. The Amazon Jungles.

Centuries ago, an alien race of scientists experimented on giant honey bees atop a hidden prehistoric plateau. The mutant bees evolved and developed telepathic abilities. Tribes saw them as gods.

March 19, 1894. Barefoot Lady Adama Regina: healer, and widowed barefoot wife of leader of European explorers, gave birth to her barefoot daughter and only child who she named Barefoot Elura and raised her to be traditionally athletic on her always bare feet, intelligent, resilient, and independent. They lived in a very small village settlement, deep in the surrounding jungles and swamps.

1898. The young Barefoot Elura came to detest her simple life in the village. While Elura enjoyed the fact that she would always assertive her entire life, she hated the breakneck and harsh disorderly pace of village life, being forced to uncomfortably rush along hazardous wild villagers' trails, instead of taking her time safely, and to think for herself. Barefoot Elura was not allowed out of sight of her elders, for fear of the many dangers of the jungle. The strong-willed little barefoot girl felt sad, as she simply wanted better control of her life.

1899. The village's stranded explorers on the plateau known as the Lost World discovered the bees. A man stole honey from the hive. The bees attacked the village and killed everyone, all except for the barefoot woman healer Barefoot Adama and her young barefoot daughter Barefoot Elura, who managed to escape the bees for a time, wisely and stealthly fleeing upon her swift always bare feet.

Barefoot Adama took a pick axe, managed to attack and kill a bee, and hid inside it. But Barefoot Adama and Barefoot Elura emerged from the dead bee too soon. One of the bees took Barefoot Elura into the hive, mistaking the child for an injured drone. Barefoot Adama grieved for the loss of her barefoot girl-child and her village.

But Barefoot Elura still lived, and she was eventually mutated by the bees to become the heir of the aging queen bee, the first human hybrid mutate to ever do so. She was able to periodically transform into the giant queen bee, and evolved into the greatest telepath in the hive, due to her metahuman hybrid nature. She continued to live nude while in her human body, of course, always keeping herself safely covered with honey so the bees could easily recognize her by scent.
1919. ZZZZZ, the Barefoot Queen Bee, ascending her way naked within a pool of honey in the hive after a transformation back into her human form in the Lost World episode "Nectar."

August 13, 1919. Another lost explorer standed on the plateau, Professor Arthur Summerlee was stung by one of the giant bees. Barefoot Jungle Girl Veronica Layton, hunter/bodyguard John Roxton, and associate reporter Ned Malone sought out the healer Adama for information on the bees. Everyone was desperate to save Summerlee.

August 14, 1919. Barefoot Veronica, Roxton, and Malone proceeded to the mountain hive to begin their dangerous mission: to infiltrate the hive and collect the royal jelly of the giant queen bee. Barefoot Veronica, having killed the bee that stung Summerlee by throwing a knife did so again. The three slicked their skin, hair, clothing, and equipment with honey stored within the dead bee and entered the hive unnoticed.

But not completely unnoticed. ZZZZZ sensed their presence as they walked past her honey pool. She began to emerge her nude body from the honey.

The Barefoot Queen Bee could sense intruders in the hive and emerged from her honey hibernation. She could hear footsteps of two men in boots, and one barefoot woman who stalked quietly and expertly on her always bare feet. Barefoot Elura stood there, nude, her naked body and slick hair dripping with honey, almost afraid to face her fellow humans.

Barefoot Simmone Jade McKinnon as Barefoot Elura/ZZZZZ, the Barefoot Queen Bee in the Lost World episode "Nectar."

Barefoot Elura telepathically sensed what the intruders wanted and began taking steps to confront them. She knew failure might mean the end of her existence in the hive. She would not let them take the royal jelly.

Getting closer to the Barefoot Queen Bee's chamber from which Barefoot Elura had already departed to resume her human form, Barefoot Veronica slipped into a hatching cell and defensively killed a hatchling. Barefoot Elura empathically sensed the insect's death and instantly screamed fiercely from her place at the honey pool, alarming the explorers to supernatural dangers still awaiting them, as they descended down the honeycombs into the Barefoot Queen Bee's chamber. Barefoot Elura dressed in a silken body garment and followed the explorers back to her chamber. As she drew near, she could hear their voices. By listening, she relearned how to speak.

Roxton was the first to hear the barefoot Queen Bee's gentle naked footsteps as she walked in and out of the chamber. Barefoot Veronica noticed Barefoot Elura's tracks saying, "There. Look! Footprints. Small, and barefoot, like me. But they're definitely not mine!"
Roxton and Malone agreed the barefoot tracks were not, in fact, Barefoot Veronica's own. They concluded there was another lost human barefoot female lurking in the hive.

As Barefoot Elura watched on, Barefoot Veronica, Roxton and Malone saw the dying aged queen bee, biding its time until death, secure that Barefoot Elura would succeed it as ZZZZZ. The explorers began to collect samples of the royal jelly until Barefoot Elura confronted them, walking softly so they couldn't sense her always bare feet treading closer this time. She came upon them. The light shined down beautifully on her honey-slicken down hair, contrasted with her own sinister thoughts and vengeful intentions.

"That does not belong to you!" Barefoot Elura shouted threateningly.
Her voice echoed thunderously with rage in the chamber.

Roxton replied, "But we only need just a little to save a friend's life. We mean you no harm."
Barefoot Elura countered with, "You have murdered one of the hive. You have already caused us harm!"
Barefoot Veronica protested, "Barefoot Elura. These bees are not your family. You're human like us!"
Barefoot Elura scowled, "I am nothing like you!"
Barefoot Veronica and Roxton tried to remind Elura of her human mother, but this was to no avail. Barefoot Elura was to become the Barefoot Queen Bee. Barefoot Elura was now ZZZZZ. She considered herself "as nothing" before coming to the hive. She was "the heart and soul" of the hive, and so the half-human Barefoot Queen Bee rejected all other memories. Roxton drew his gun on the actual queen bee itself and said, "Then we'll have to do this the hard way."
Barefoot Elura grabbed his arm with superhuman strength and speed, while she screamed for aid from the bees.

Several bees came down at them at once. The explorers fled. ZZZZZ chased after them. She was determined to kill them. Desperate, Roxton threw a lantern. The hive burned. The explorers pleaded with Barefoot Elura to come with them. She refused.

John Roxton, Barefoot Veronica Layton, and Ned Malone realized they could not save Barefoot Elura.
As the explorers escaped the fire and returned home with Summerlee's cure, ZZZZZ backed into a corner. She prepared to remove her dress, accepting her fiery fate as the flames drew nearer.

But a contingent of escaping imperial bees rescued her. They flew together, leaving the plateau and beginning a new hive elsewhere. Now she was truly the Barefoot Queen Bee. She abandoned her Barefoot Elura Regina identity. Fate was persistent she would adopt other human identities in time.

August 15, 1919. Professor Summerlee, now cured and well, thanked Barefoot Adama and his friends for saving his life. Barefoot Adama mentioned that she no longer suffered nightmares about her lost barefoot daughter. She asked the explorers if there might be any chance that Barefoot Elura could still be alive. Barefoot Veronica merely replied, "Nothing human survives the hive."

The Outer Limits: "ZZZZZ."

Dimension Designs Model Figure For The Outer Limits Episode: "ZZZZZ."
"ZZZZZ" was an episode of the original The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on January 27, 1964 during the first season.
The episode was written by Meyer Dolinsky and Joseph Stefano.
It was directed by John Brahm. The cinematography was by Conrad Hall. The cast included: Barefoot Joanna Frank as Barefoot Regina the Barefoot Queen Bee, Philip Abbott as Ben Fields, Barefoot Marsha Hunt as Barefoot Francesca Fields, Booth Colman as Doctor Warren, Robert Johnson as the voice of Mr. Lund (uncredited) and John Elizalde as the voice of the Bees (uncredited).

This episode was notable for going into production when the U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

Production Number: 21.
Episode Number: 18.
Episode Chronology:
“Don’t Open Till Doomsday” ← Previous- - -Next → “The Invisibles”

Opening narration:
"Human life strives ceaselessly to perfect itself, to gain ascendancy. But what of the lower forms of life? Is it not possible that they, too, are conducting experiments and are at this moment on the threshold of deadly success?"

November 23, 1963. The ageless ZZZZZ returned to the world of humanity, determined to prevent her alien bee species from dying out. She took the name Barefoot Regina and made her way to the section of California called "The Outer Limits" due to the intense supernatural activity in its military and scientific locations. Cutting her hair, rinsing out the decades of honey residue, brushing it onto her face, Barefoot Regina managed to fit into the humanity she now sought to control. She took her dress, and she walked confidently on her always bare feet into human civilization.

Barefoot Joanna Frank as Barefoot Regina the Barefoot Queen Bee, in the Outer Limits episode: "ZZZZZ."

Barefoot Regina's captivating voice and the beauty of her hands and her charmingly beautiful bare feet made her all the more memorable to the people she gracefully met. She sought to win over a particular individual, making arrangements to meet with him. While the Barefoot Queen Bee took on her human form, she planned to mate with a human male scientist that winter, so she would birth her hybrid offspring the following spring or summer.

January 27, 1964. Ben Fields was a prize-winning entomologist in search of a lab assistant. He was married to Barefoot Francesca Fields. Ben settled on the uniquely qualified Barefoot Regina, who all but landed in his lap.

Barefoot Regina, the giant mutant Barefoot Queen Bee in human form searching for a human mate to prolong her species' life span, got the job and now set her sights on seducing Ben, whom she considered a prize possession. Fields was a top man in the field of entomology and Barefoot Regina considered him the leading candidate for possible mating...the finest specimen for a human drone. Fields had created a way to speak to and understand the language spoken by bees. Field's lab contained a system of recorders and computers which allowed him to talk to the insects and thereby learn of their society and lives. The bees themselves were also busy trying to build Barefoot Regina into a mate with whom the bees hoped would parent a new hybrid strain capable of overtaking the world being thus created. But what they didn't count on was Fields' love for his barefoot wife, Barefoot Francesca getting in the way of their plans. Nor did they count on the huge differences between human and insect behavior. Barefoot Francesca Fields, seeking only a happy marriage, was altogether unsettled by this new set-up.

Ben and Barefoot Francesca's emotional attachment to one another was enough to convince Barefoot Regina and the bees that humans are a haphazard species ripe for genetic compromise; she put it succinctly when she told her minions that humans "live by what they think, not by what they know." She later told Ben, "A disorderly mind is usually guilty of something far more chaotic than disorder." This halting dance between Barefoot Regina and Ben, and between order and chaos, came to a head when Barefoot Regina asked Barefoot Francesca to share a leisurely barefoot walk to the beach with her. The two intelligent barefoot women seemed to become close friends, but Barefoot Francesca was suspicious of Barefoot Regina's sultry intentions toward Ben. As both barefoot women went outside again to walk barefoot in the Fields' garden that night, Barefoot Francesca later spied Barefoot Regina seductively licking a flower of its pollen. Barefoot Francesca's repulsion (ostensibly at glimpsing Barefoot Regina in her bee form) and the implicit, open-ended sexuality of Regina's act helped set the Fields' tragic downfall into motion. Ben was so obsessed with Barefoot Regina that he took a sample of her blood after she had a minor collapse from food poisoning while she was unconscious. The results at the lab were astounding. "Ben, she's a medical anomaly. I've never seen blood fluid like hers...closest thing to a complete mutant I've ever seen!" Dr. Warren warned him. But the intrusion of chaotic passion into their lives ultimately did the Fields in, just as Barefoot Regina's reliance on order destroyed her when she failed to account for Ben's emotional rage after Barefooot Francesca's tragic death. The scientist's barefoot wife died from multiple bee stings. "Does it make you angry to be loved, Ben?" Barefoot Regina asked. In a violent struggle with him, she accidentally fell from a balcony. She transformed back into a bee and flew away. Not finished with Ben, she swiftly returned. Instead of attempting to seduce him again, she now took pity for his grief over his lost wife. She commanded the honey bees to finish him off, so both of the Fields couple would share their same final fate. As Barefoot Regina sat nude, she slicked her hair back in honey, once again. The Barefoot Queen Bee remained deep into thought about her failure to produce her progeny for the hive. She left, naked, for parts unknown before the coming of midnight.

Closing narration
"When the yearning to gain ascendancy takes the form of a soulless, loveless struggle, the contest must end in unlovely defeat. For without love, drones can never be men, and men can only be drones."

DC Universe:
The Barefoot Queen's Battles With The Justice League of America.

The Barefoot Queen Bee enslaved Green Arrow, Green Lantern,
the Barefoot Wonder Woman, the Flash, and the Martian Manhunter
in Justice League of America #23. Art by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson.

The Barefoot Queen Bee established contact with the alien Hiveworld Korll. There, she took the name Barefoot Zazzala and spent the next decade as the absolute undisputed monarch of the Hiveworld, and the all-powerful Nude Empress. She conquered and converted many other insectoid star systems to her vast empire. As the result of further genetic manipulation, she became more alien than human. Her eyes turned bright glowing green and she gained night vision, able to see in complete darkness, but then lost the ablity to perceive the color red. She grew wings on her back, allowing her to fly freely in human form. Barefoot Zazzala lived only for the interstellar expansion of her hybrid species. She treaded barefoot upon the soil of many new worlds as their ruler. Barefoot Zazzala came to be worshipped as a Barefoot Goddess on several such planets. Still, she wanted more. She wanted complete conquest over Earth. The Insectoid Nude Empress Barefoot Zazzala of the planet Korll led her race to conquest throughout the galaxy. In addition to the power of her alien Bee-Trooper army, Barefoot Zazzala wanted a percentage of Earth's population as slaves, to control an army of mindless drones.

February 8, 1975. Upon her return to Earth, Barefoot Queen Zazzala set about her conquest by enslaving members of the Justice League of America as her drones. She discovered the formula for an elixir which was said to confer the power of immortality upon anyone who drank it. But in order to concoct the potion, she needed the proper ingredients, all of which were hidden away in various perilous locales all over the universe. Neither she nor her enslaved race of servants known as the Bee-Men had the powers or abilities needed to hunt down each of the ingredients, so Barefoot Zazzala grafted a plan to capture the Justice League of America and forced them to retrieve the prizes for her. After a quick trip to Earth, the Bee-Men committed several crimes around the country. They struck at the U.S. National Library, the Hall of Science and Invention, and the Coast City's famous Tower of Jewels. When the Justice League tried to stop them, they were at first thwarted by the advanced weaponry of the Bee-Men which included a huge ruby. The heroes triumphed, and the invaders were teleported away by Barefoot Zazzala. The Barefoot Queen Bee quickly gained control over the League using her Magno-Nuclear Rod. If they refused her, she would activate a machine at the center of the Earth which she claimed was a bomb that would destroy the planet. She wanted the JLA to help her get the three parts to an immortality serum hidden on a distant planet. She sent them on their way. The vials were protected by an aggressive plant, a teleporting island, and a fire giant, and it took all of the JLA’s wits and formidable powers to defeat the guardians and retrieved the vials for Barefoot Zazzala. She successfully blackmailed the JLA into securing the elements she needed for the immortality potion, but even though they fulfilled their end of the bargain, they prevented her from her ultimate goal. All of the Justice League eventually accomplished their missions, of course; but in the end, the League members outwitted Barefoot Zazzala and kept her from brewing up the elixir. The JLA members were then returned to Earth but it turned out that the Green Lantern had used his power ring to fix up the vials so they could never be opened. The Green Lantern had also taken precautions so the Barefoot Queen Bee could never control them in this way again! The Flash, the Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Martian Manhunter, and the Barefoot Wonder Woman then defeated the Barefoot Queen Bee swiftly, but she managed to escape in her Hive-Ship. (Justice League of America #23)

How The Barefoot Queen Bee Gained Her Living Immortality.

The Barefoot Queen Bee unleashed the once-again enslaved Justice League,
this time upon young fledgling barefoot superheroine, the Barefoot Batgirl
in Justice League of America #60. Art by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson.

March 30, 1975. The Barefoot Queen Bee returned seven weeks later with a new problem. Since her last appearance, she had managed to mix up the elusive immortality potion after all, only to find that the elixir rendered her totally immobile. She now enlisted the Justice League's aid to find the ingredients for an antidote to the paralysis effect of the original solution, a mission which the Atom, Aquaman, the Batman, the Barefoot Batgirl, the Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Hawkman, the Barefoot Hawkgirl, the Martian Manhunter, Superman, and the Barefoot Wonder Woman managed to accomplish just before they defeated and captured the now-immortal Barefoot Zazzala and sent her to prison. (Justice League of America #60)

The Barefoot Queen Bee's Formation of the First Injustice League.

While imprisoned on Earth for nearly three months, Barefoot Zazzala started to think about her pursuits while she strengthened her mobility by absorbing magnetism. After gaining her immortality, Barefoot Zazzala was really only interested in those things that normally interest the adversaries of the Justice League. Power, influence, forbidden knowledge, long lost alien artifacts, etc. Barefoot Zazzala did not really like to involve herself in her own crimes to any degree, she always preferred to work through enthralled intermediaries. One of her most often used tactics was to use the Magno-Nuclear Rod to turn her mental slaves into insects. But now it was time to work with other super-villains as her emissaries to achieve her goals for domination of the Earth. She escaped, and instead of simply continuing to remain nude, she then began wearing an armored bee-like swimsuit as her super-villain costume to impress and acquire the respect of other villains. She paced, as always gracefully barefoot as ever, about the halls of her Hive-Ship while formulating, considering, and executing her plans for conquest.

June 20, 1975. The Barefoot Queen Bee succeeded in forming her own group of super-villains. This team operated from her Beehive. The gathering included Brainiac, Chronos, Clayface, Gorilla Grodd, Merlyn, Ocean Master, and Sinestro. Predating the Legion of Doom and the Secret Society of Super-Villains, this was one of the first "Injustice Leagues" to oppose the JLA. The Barefoot Queen Bee captured the Justice League (the Atom, Aquaman, the Batman, the Barefoot Black Canary, the Flash, the Elongated Man, the Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and the Red Tornado). All except for Superman, who used Kryptonian technology to reverse Earth residents' perceptions of Clark Kent and Superman. This confused Brainiac, so Superman could trace the Barefoot Queen Bee's Bee-Men back to her lair and freed the Justice League. Ultimately, Superman led the JLA into victory over the Barefoot Queen Bee and her cohorts. The JLA then captured Barefoot Zazzala and the other villains. (Action Comics #443)

April 15, 1976. The following year, Barefoot Zazzala teamed-up with the super-villain Sonar to give Earth's beasts the ability to think and fight like men as their slaves to battle the Justice League. The combined efforts of the Atom, Aquaman, the Batman, the Barefoot Black Canary, the Flash, the Elongated Man, the Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Hawkman, Superman, the Barefoot Supergirl, and the Barefoot Wonder Woman defeated and restored the animals to normal, and captured Sonar. Barefoot Zazzala escaped and returned to Korll. She would return three years later with new schemes aimed at conquest and revenge. (Justice League of America #131-132)

The Barefoot Queen's Clash With The Barefoot Amazon Princess.

May 21, 1979. The Barefoot Queen Bee launched a massive killer bee attack on the Houston Astronautics Training Center. Meanwhile, as part of the training of astronaut trainee Barefoot Diana Prince, she was instructed to climb inside a Sensory Deprivation Chamber in order to simulate the sort of isolation she might encounter in outer space should there be a malfunction in the space shuttle. Barefoot Diana casually walked into the chamber area. She removed her eyeglasses and uniform jacket, blouse, and skirt, stripping herself nude and reluctantly she clambered inside to spend the next six hours locked within to sweat out the cramped, grueling experience. Although Barefoot Diana had at first thought this to be an uncomfortable waste of her valuable time, she was soon to realize that it had probably saved her life! Looking out of the window of the chamber Barefoot Diana witnessed the invasive swarm of bees that entered the building. The bees attacked the watching technicians and Barefoot Diana knew that these were no ordinary bees because they would only have attacked people if disturbed. Instructor Conrad Starfield tried to warn the technicians not to panic, but the bees swarmed around him and a horrified Barefoot Diana watched as he was stung over a hundred times! Conrad and the technicians had fallen unconscious. As the bees departed, Barefoot Diana wrenched the door off, unseen, to check on her colleagues. She was relieved to find them all still alive, although in some sort of mindless coma.

Later, Barefoot Diana attended a debriefing by Professor Stone on what the bees had done to Conrad and the others. Stone had explained that instead of producing paralysis or death, the bees' stings had created a condition of coma. The bee venom had disrupted the normal synaptic flow in the brain reducing their colleagues to little more than human vegetables. Unless they could find an antidote they would remain in this comatose state until they died. Barefoot Diana then asked if capturing the bees would provide an antidote. Although the Professor agreed this was an excellent idea, he added that the swarm had apparently vanished and there was no way of tracking them down.

Suddenly, the bees had burst into the briefing room and everyone ran for their lives. Barefoot Diana dashed for the far corner, out of sight of the others, and she swiftly changed into the Barefoot Wonder Woman. She had then used her magic lasso to spin at a certain vibrational frequency so as to mimic the "mating call" of the Barefoot Queen Bee. The bees had responded and followed her lasso, as Barefoot Diana gently raced, leaped out of the window, and led the bees outside. She then led the bees to the Sensory Depravation Chamber in the nearby hangar deck and lured the swarm inside the airtight compartment. Once inside she had shut the door on them, hoping to study the captured bees so as to find an antidote, but to her surprise the bees vanished before her eyes!

May 22, 1979. The Barefoot Wonder Woman was on patrol high above the base in her Invisible Jet. She was on the look out for something in particular and looking down below she soon found her quarry - the invasion swarm of killer bees again sent by Barefoot Zazzala, the Barefoot Queen Bee!

Guards in protective worksuits armed with flame throwers were standing guard and as they heard the buzzing of the approaching bees they opened fire. But to their astonishment the bees seemed to deliberately avoid the bursts of flame as if they were intelligent. They even led the men to accidentally turn the fire upon themselves.

The graceful Barefoot Amazon Princess boldly leaped down to rescue them. As soon as the soaring Barefoot Diana's always bare feet touched down on the pavement, the Barefoot Wonder Woman span her magic lasso in her powerful bare hands at great speeds to create a powerful wind to beat out the flames. As she did so, she thought to herself that the actions of these bees confirmed her suspicions. They were more deadly than any natural swarm. The wind she created blew out the burning suits of the men just in time to avoid injury, although their protective layers were now full of holes. She knew if the fleeing bees returned and entered their suits, the men wouldn't stand any chance. Barefoot Diana's tough athletic forever bare feet pounded on the concrete with her beautiful tireless bare legs as she bounded barefoot rapidly back up to her invisible plane.

The Barefoot Wonder Woman was intent upon tracking down the swarm to their destination, in order to neutralize them. As she pursued the swarm, she vowed that she would not let them out of her sight a second time, as her friends lives depended on it. As the swarm took flight again she summoned her Invisible Jet to swoop down. She leaped aboard and raced off in the same direction as the swarm. She knew this was the sixth attack by this swarm since the day before and the only attack she had been able to follow thus far. Normally, the bees had usually vanished by now just like the ones in the Depravation Chamber did. This time for some reason, they had changed their behavior and she knew exactly why - she was being lured into a trap!

After traveling some one hundred miles north of Houston, Barefoot Diana finally saw the bees' destination - an alien spacecraft in the form of a Bee Hive located in the desert below her. She knew this ship could only belong to one person - The Barefoot Queen Bee Zazzala of the Hive Planet Korll. Inside the ship, the Barefoot Queen Bee herself watched on a monitor with glee as the Barefoot Amazon Princess came. When she had first learned that the Barefoot Wonder Woman was connected with the humans' so-called space program she had wondered if she should perhaps cancel her plans to avoid involving the Barefoot Amazon Princess and thereby again invite capture. The Barefoot Queen Bee had then realized what a perfect addition the Barefoot Wonder Woman would make to her "collection." Barefoot Zazzala used her swarm as bait to lure the beautiful Barefoot Amazon Princess to her doom!

As the Barefoot Wonder Woman flew over the craft a tractor beam suddenly struck down her plane, pulling it towards the ground and into the spacecraft itself. The Barefoot Wonder Woman disembarked, prepared for a confrontation. Seconds later, the barefoot villainess appeared and Barefoot Zazzala told the Barefoot Wonder Woman that she could resist if she had to, but that the outcome of their conflict was predestined. The mind of the Barefoot Amazon Princess would belong to the Barefoot Queen Bee, while the Barefoot Wonder Woman's body would die! With that, thousands of bees suddenly swarmed towards the Barefoot Wonder Woman in a flying wedge formation and she knew she could not avoid them. Barefoot Diana used her bracelets and instead of "bullets and bracelets", she played "bees and bracelets!" She moved with the speed of Mercury, deflecting stunned bees as she went. But even so she felt the approach of panic and was almost relieved when the battle assumed a more brutal directness as the Barefoot Queen Bee, who lost patience with her insects, and opened fire with one of her Stinger Blasters instead.

The Barefoot Queen Bee began her attack against the Barefoot Wonder Woman aboard her Hive-Ship. Art by Joe Staton and Frank McLaughlin.
The Barefoot Wonder Woman managed to deflect the blast and she threw Barefoot Zazzala over her head, capitalizing on the Barefoot Queen Bee's strategic mistake. Barefoot Zazzala was sent crashing through a doorway and the Barefoot Wonder Woman followed her inside the room. She demanded that the Barefoot Queen Bee give her the antidote to the bee venom and an explanation for what she has done. The Barefoot Queen Bee rose to her own always bare feet, and while standing, responded that she was a noble of the Planet Korll, and that she owed no explanation for her deeds, as her imperial will was reason enough. Barefoot Diana grabbed Barefoot Zazzala's slippery honey-drenched bare legs and bare feet. The Barefoot Wonder Woman wrestled the Barefoot Queen Bee down to the floor, wrapping her up in her golden lasso.

Barefoot Diana told Barefoot Zazzala that she must now obey her instructions and asked again - "Why?" The Barefoot Queen Bee gestured to a computer with twinkling lights and said that she had stolen the minds of the stung scientists and imprisoned them inside. There they would remain until the end of eternity and not even the Barefoot Wonder Woman's lasso could command her to set them free. The Barefoot Queen Bee continued that before the Barefoot Amazon Princess had arrived she had programmed the computer to self-destruct at the slightest tampering - even from her own hand! She smiled and added that Barefoot Diana could still save them, but only if she became Barefoot Zazzala's slave!

Inside the Hive-Ship of the Barefoot Queen Bee, the Barefoot Wonder Woman knelt down on the floor before Barefoot Zazzala, her hands bound together behind her back and her lasso lying useless on the floor. The Barefoot Queen Bee told the Barefoot Amazon Princess that she must do everything that was commanded or else her friends' minds would never be set free. Barefoot Zazzala told Barefoot Diana to kiss her royal bare feet to prove her devotion. Barefoot Diana did so, licking the alien honey from Barefoot Zazzala's always bare feet on her lips. The Barefoot Queen Bee smiled at her new Barefoot Amazon slave. Barefoot Zazzala began to torture the enslaved prisoner Barefoot Princess Diana.

Barefoot Zazzala felt it was a shame she had not got a collar for Barefoot Diana to wear, but perhaps the bloody wounds drawn by her painful Stinger Blaster would help to remind the Barefoot Amazon Princess that she was now a helpless and tortured slave of the Barefoot Queen Bee. Art by José Delbo and Joe Giella.

Her defiance renewed, the Barefoot Wonder Woman replied that the Barefoot Queen Bee could have her pleasure, but she had only won their little battle because the barefoot villainess had sworn that the computer holding the minds of her friends would self-destruct if tampered with - and that was the only reason she had surrendered! The Barefoot Queen Bee responded that this was reason enough and then went on to explain that she had stolen the intellects of one hundred Earth minds for the purposes of power.

In all the universe, only the human imagination had the sheer raw power that she needed - the blind, unmitigated force to crush planets like egg shells and thus win wars! Her ambitions ranged far beyond Korll. She envisioned herself as more than a Barefoot Queen, a Barefoot Empress ruling a Galactic Court, this Empire she must build piece by piece.

During her last visit to Earth, Barefoot Zazzala discovered fantastic energies present in the human mind, and she had sworn someday she would learn how to harness these energies for her own use. Now, that day had come! At first she thought only to harness the mental powers of Earth's brightest individuals. She now saw she had made one error. Why only take the greatest minds when she could have them all!

Hearing this, the Barefoot Wonder Woman cried out, "No! You're mad! Monstrous!" and ripped her bindings apart, declared that she now rescinded her surrender. As the Barefoot Amazon Princess bolted barefoot across the waxen floor, she dove for her lasso, as the Barefoot Queen Bee then fired her Stinger Blaster across her path, preventing her from reaching it. The Barefoot Queen Bee realized she underestimated the Barefoot Amazon Princess, for her foe would never sacrifice the human race for the lives of her friends.

Firing at the Barefoot Wonder Woman, who used her bracelets to deflect the blasts, the Barefoot Queen Bee summoned her bees once more. They swarmed into the control room and as the Barefoot Wonder Woman began to use her bracelets as before to parry the insects away. Barefoot Diana said to Barefoot Zazzala that she managed to defeat her bees before, so why did she now think she would not do so again? The Barefoot Queen Bee's reply was swift. She stalked soundlessly on her always bare feet, and blasted the distracted Barefoot Amazon Princess from behind with her Stinger weapon. The Barefoot Wonder Woman cried out in pain and let her guard down. The bees surged forward and enveloped the helpless Barefoot Amazon Warrior's bleeding half-naked body while the Barefoot Queen Bee encouraged them by saying "Sting her! Steal her mind as you stole the minds of those she holds dear! Sting, my lovelies! Sting! Let your venom slip through her veins! Let her heart pound with pain! Let her thoughts swirl, her sight dim...Let her die!"

The Barefoot Queen Bee's swarm tortured the Barefoot Wonder Woman with a thousand bee stings. Art by José Delbo and Joe Giella.

Barefoot Zazzala lusted for Barefoot Diana to suffer the same fate as Ben and Francesca Fields. The bees completely covered and smothered the struggling Barefoot Amazon as sting after sting pierced every part of her exposed bleeding skin, until she lay still and struggled no more.

May 23, 1979. In a Houston hospital room, Barefoot Diana's Trainee Astronaut friends and Professor Stone surrounded a bed where the unconscious Barefoot Wonder Woman lay deathly ill, horrificly disfigured with hundreds of swollen bee stings. Stone told the others it was a miracle she was not already dead! She had been found roasting in the desert a hundred miles north of Houston by an Air Force helicopter which had been sent to investigate a UFO sighting. He repeated again that it was a miracle she was still alive but as for how long she could stay alive, poisoned with over a thousand bee stingers that they had removed from every inch of her exposed skin and scalp, no one knew. The Barefoot Wonder Woman's skimpy swimsuit-style costume had just enough armored padding to protect her stomach and intestines from the bee stings. But it was her weakening heart the doctor was concerned with. The other men felt equally helpless, looking down at the nearly lifeless Barefoot Wonder Woman. They owed their own lives to her. The doctor said the Electroencephalograms showed a high level of brain activity even though she was in a comatose state. But he did not know what sort of activity it was. If this meant she still had a fighting chance to survive, he could not say.

At the same moment, somewhere deep within the confines of her mind, Barefoot Diana heard the worried words of Professor Stone and a part of her smiled, for she was alive and somewhere in that special place we call the soul, she battled to hold onto her life against forces beyond imagination! Wielding a fiery sword, she battled against giant bees, naked and alone in a dream world. She knew the battle only existed in her subconscious mind and that the giant bees were merely symbols for the venom eating at her heart. That said though, she dared not lose this battle or else she might also lose the war, too. She thought to herself that on Paradise Island the Barefoot Amazons have developed immunities to many diseases including small doses of bee venom. She prayed to Zeus that her natural immunity and her own will to survive would be enough, because if not, her life would be over and humanity would be lost!

Meanwhile, high above the Earth's atmosphere, the Barefoot Queen Bee's ship approached the Justice League Satellite in orbit around the planet. The Barefoot Queen Bee rued the fact that the Barefoot Wonder Woman's sense of self proved too strong for her swarm to actually steal her mind but that it hardly mattered now as she laid sick and dying from a thousand bee stings. With one less to oppose her, the Barefoot Queen Bee would now deal with the rest of the Justice League. It would also be the first test of the Hive Computer's power! With that, Barefoot Zazzala pressed on a button, and a cosmic ray shot out from her craft enveloping the satellite.

Inside, the unwitting Justice League cried out in surprise but only for a fraction of a second before darkness claimed Superman, the Batman, the Flash, and Green Arrow. The JLA's consciousnesses were blown out like candles in the wind! The Barefoot Queen Bee jubilantly screamed, "I win! I win!" She prepared to gather the other minds of the Earth.

May 24, 1979. The Barefoot Wonder Woman began to convulse in her death bed and the Professor told the others that the venom was strangling her heart. He suggested perhaps a stimulant would help her and went to prepare a syringe. Deep in her subconscious, the Barefoot Wonder Woman heard his words and realized that at this stage of the struggle a stimulant would kill her! But how could she stop them? She could hear them, but they could not hear her! She knew that if she did not break out of the coma quickly then all her efforts would have been in vain. She prayed to Barefoot Hera to give her strength and help her to fight to live!

As Professor Stone tested the syringe and moved to inject it into the Barefoot Wonder Woman's I.V. tube she took it from him and said "That won't be necessary, Professor!". The others stared on in amazement, as the heavily wounded Barefoot Amazon Princess got out of the bed, strongly arose, and she stood up painfully upon her bee-stung bare feet. Incredibly, the disfiguring bee stings covering her face, neck, shoulders, chest, back, hands, arms, legs, and bare feet began to heal completely. Barefoot Diana's gorgeous beauty then returned to her. She told the men that while she was still a little weak, the worst was over. However she had no time to explain, and with that, she opened the window and suddenly flew out headfirst, to gently land where her robot plane awaited her mental summons, carried her swiftly away.

Seconds later, far above the Barefoot Queen Bee looked at a monitor screen which showed the Earth below her. One touch of the lever in front of her would activate a larger version of the sonic device her bees used to steal human minds. This time though, instead of stealing a single mind it would steal billions! But just then she heard a voice behind her and turned to see the Barefoot Wonder Woman standing there, twirling her lasso like a propeller. The bees lay still at both of the barefoot women's always bare feet. The Barefoot Amazon Princess told the Barefoot Queen Bee the game was over, the bees were not dead but merely stunned by the vibrations from her spinning lasso. She had come up with the idea on her way here and was only sorry that she had not thought of it before. The Barefoot Queen Bee replied that she in turn was more sorry that she did not make certain the Barefoot Wonder Woman was dead and even sorrier that she had left the lasso behind - a mistake she would now correct! As the Barefoot Queen Bee lunged towards the Barefoot Wonder Woman she declared that she would kill her foe with her own bare hands and the Barefoot Wonder Woman readied herself for attack.

The Barefoot Queen Bee and the Barefoot Wonder Woman battled fiercely in their final confrontation. Art by José Delbo and Joe Giella.

The Barefoot Queen Bee buzzed in a furious rage. The Barefoot Wonder Woman fought her. Sweating, straining, silent, the two powerful, perpetually barefoot warrior women struggled, wrestling toe-to-toe aboard the ship for what seemed like hours, though it was scarcely more than a few minutes. Though one was a Barefoot Amazon, with a Barefoot Amazon's inhuman strength, the other was an alien science-enhanced barefoot madwoman with all the power of the insane and the supernatural. Slowly, the stronger Barefoot Queen Bee forced the Barefoot Wonder Woman down to her knees, murderous fingers clawing her bloody throat, killing the Barefoot Amazon Princess. The Barefoot Wonder Woman could not get a proper hold on the Barefoot Queen Bee, for Barefoot Zazzala's body and swimsuit were soaked in slippery wet honey. Both Barefoot women maneuvered flawlessly on their always bare feet and their barefoot toes pressed hard on the waxen ship's floor, as the barefoot women fiercely battled hand-to-hand. Barefoot Zazzala had the advantage of possessing the superior physical strength, but Barefoot Diana still had to win! But at last, as the blood pounded in her skull, the Barefoot Wonder Woman threw all of her remaining strength into one last desperate effort and suddenly she was free. The Barefoot Queen Bee was flung backwards, slammed into her Mind-Stealing Computer. The power erupted through the electro-shocked barefoot villainess, tearing away her mind. Having sought the souls of Earth, Barefoot Zazzala lost her own. The Barefoot Queen Bee fell motionless and mindless on the floor, unconscious at the triumphant Barefoot Wonder Woman's beautiful always bare feet.

After the unconscious Justice League were revived and the Hive-Ship landed once more in the desert outside Houston, the Barefoot Wonder Woman looked on as the scientists reclaimed their minds and walked off the ship. Barefoot Diana wondered if they would ever be the same for losing a soul must be a terrible thing. Only time could help them together with the healing power of the human heart. Barefoot Zazzala slept in her coma on Earth for the next two years. (Adventure Comics #463-464)

The Barefoot Queen Bee Captured By The Man Who Collected Villains.

The Barefoot Queen Bee, Sinestro, and Hector Hammond found themselves in the unlikely position of being captured by the Conqueror and rescued by the Justice League in Super-Friends #45. Art by Kurt Schaffenberger and Bob Smith.

April 25, 1981. The comatose Barefoot Queen Bee was eventually abducted by the powerful super-villain known only as the Conqueror, along with Hector Hammond, Kanjar Ro, Sinestro, Time Trapper, and World Beater. The Conqueror wanted to steal the weapons of these six deadly super-villains he needed to conquer the world. Barefoot Zazzala awoke and was surprised to discover that the Justice League (Aquaman, the Batman, Robin, Superman, the Barefoot Wonder Woman, Zan and Barefoot Jayna) and the Global Guardians (Bushmaster, Doctor Mist, Barefoot Lady Godiva, Barefoot Little Mermaid, Olympian, Rising Sun, and Wild Huntsman) were now her allies. However, this truce ended upon the Conqueror's defeat.
Barefoot Zazzala left in the company of her fellow super-villains.
She vowed the ultimate conquest of the Earth in her own right.
(Super-Friends #45-46)

The Barefoot Queen Bee's Courtship With King Alexander.

The Barefoot Queen Bee attempted to bring down Superman with the help of her new mate, King Alexander the Planeteer in Action Comics #562. Art by Eduardo Barreto.

October 1, 1984. The Barefoot Queen Bee personally challenged and fought Superman alongside Alexander Mason, the Planeteer- a new enemy of Superman who joined Barefoot Zazzala in an attempt to control Earth's magnetic energy, and tested their magnetic powers against the Justice League's Man of Steel. The Barefoot Queen Bee dubbed the Planeteer "King Alexander", for Barefoot Zazzala intended to marry and mate with regal Alexander upon their conquest of the Earth. Of course, the duo was thwarted by Superman. The Planeteer was decided to be unworthy of the Barefoot Queen Bee's affections. She rejected Alexander as she returned, alone once more, to Korll. (Action Comics #562)

The Villain War During The Crisis On Infinite Earths.

The Barefoot Queen Bee joined an army of super-villains to engage in the Crisis Villain War, brutally fought across the remaining Five Earths in Crisis On Infinite Earths #9-10. Art by George Perez.

During the summer and fall of 1985, an interdimensional being known as the Anti-Monitor began destroying the entire Multiverse. Barefoot Zazzala's space empire was one of the many civilizations affected by the Crisis.

September 20, 1985. As the multiversal Crisis raged on, Barefoot Zazzala sat nude upon her throne on her homeworld Korll, her mind wrapped telepathically with her interplanetary viziers, trying to keep her orderly interstellar empire from falling into utter chaos. She was contacted by Brainiac and Lex Luthor, who appealed to the Barefoot Queen Bee with their War Zone campaign to conquer the surviving Five Earths. The Nude Empress of Korll vowed her alliance to this new imperial cause. She attired herself once again only in her little bee-striped swimsuit, and she willingly marched on her always bare feet, boldly into the shimmering light that teleported her aboard the computerized mechanical monstrosity, the alien robot Brainiac's foreboding, awe-inspiring great spaceship.

September 21, 1985. The Barefoot Queen Bee hovered above the villain assembly. For Brainiac's ship was filled with deadly assassins.

The Barefoot Queen Bee attended the great gathering of villains aboard Brainiac's ship. Art by George Perez and Jerry Ordway.

The Barefoot Queen Bee listened, as Brainiac explained to the assembled villains that while the Anti-Monitor had either fled or died, now the Five Earths were partially merged, and in chaos. As all of the villains craved power, it was time for them to strike, for not even the heroes of the remaining Earths could withstand their power. Barefoot Zazzala watched on, as the Luthor of Earth-2 opposed the appointment of his Earth-1 counterpart as Brainiac's Field Commander, and the Earth-2 Luthor was mercilessly obliterated before the startled eyes of the assembly. Impressed with Brainiac's immense power, the winged and regal Barefoot Queen of the Korll Insectoid Space Empire gladly became a vassal to this killer machine, until the opportunity could arise to dispose herself of it. She listened intently, as the Luthor of Earth-1 explained his tactical plans. The Barefoot Queen Bee was to depart her native Earth-1 dimension and travel to Earth-S, to observe its conquest. Then she was to personally confront and win the coming battle attempted by the heroes of Earths 1 and 2. Barefoot Zazzala went to the other dimension, determined to at last have her revenge against all heroes.

Earth-S: The Barefoot Queen Bee awaited, as hostages were taken, and devastation commenced. Then, Barefoot Zazzala witnessed first hand as Captain Cold, Icicle, Killer Frost, and Weather Wizard plunged the world into an icy deep freeze. The Barefoot Queen Bee laughed and held up her bare hands. She felt her honey-slickened back purple hair go white and freeze solid in sleet and snow. Her impervious skin grew frigid, as a sheet of ice formed on the ground beneath her always bare feet. Her only concern was possible freezing damage to her unprotected wings, which she swiftly thawed out with her Magno-Nuclear Rod, while she danced slowly, half-naked, and very gracefully barefoot, in the ice cold snow!

September 22, 1985. The conquest of Earths 4, S, and X now complete, Brainiac and Luthor delivered their ultimatum to demand the surrender of Earths 1 and 2, or in 15 minutes time, all of the Earths would be destroyed. The heroes prepared for war, just as Luthor and Brainiac had predicted, while the Barefoot Queen Bee stood ready to face her enemies in Fawcett City, on Earth-S.

The first opponent to reach the Barefoot Queen Bee was the mighty Barefoot Egyptian Goddess known as Isis. This battle of unshod deities ended quickly in Barefoot Zazzala's favor, for her opponent's powers were at low ebb and fading rapidly as the human host of the spirit of Barefoot Isis was succumbing to the bitter cold. Barefoot Zazzala was almost sad to see the limp, bloodied, broken body of Barefoot Isis thrown into the freezing waters of Lake Michigan to drown by her alien ally Sinestro, for Barefoot Isis would have made an excellent royal slave. But just soon as Barefoot Isis plunged deep beneath the icy waters, she was brought back to the surface and revived by Aquaman and Barefoot Mera. The real battle for Earth-S began.

"They have arrived!" Barefoot Zazzala shouted imperiously, as she walked confidently barefoot through the ice and snow, "Prepare for battle!"

Barefoot Zazzala suddenly noticed a set of barefoot female human tracks in the snow, that were neither her own, nor those left behind by Barefoot Isis. Then, a snowball struck the Barefoot Queen Bee bluntly in the face, glazing over the vision of her glimmering green insectoid eyes.

"Prepare to get iced, Barefoot Queen Bitch!" the young Barefoot Lady Gypsy nervously laughed. Barefoot Zazzala sensed the young invisible heroine attempted to steal her Magno-Nuclear Rod. But the Barefoot Queen Bee's grip on her royal scepter in her eternally bare hands was too strong, she held onto it. The Barefoot Queen Bee then struck down the Barefoot Lady Gypsy, knocking her into the snow and forcing her to become visible.

Barefoot Zazzala pointed her scepter directly at the Barefoot Lady Gypsy's face and she said, "Excellent. A new beautiful young barefoot female drone. You will be my slave until you die, my splendid barefoot beauty of the royal court of the Barefoot Queen Bee!"

"A slave? Not my style!" the young Barefoot Lady Gypsy said, as she raised her bare legs and she clamped her nimble always bare feet about Barefoot Zazzala's wrists. The Barefoot Queen Bee could tell the barefoot girl's body went numb from the cold, just as the Barefoot Goddess Isis had fallen before. The brave Barefoot Lady Gypsy, well-used to extreme cold, still fought determinedly.

"Then you will die, you insolent barefoot street urchin!" Barefoot Zazzala shouted, prepared to Stinger-Blaster her barefoot heroic opponent to death.

Barefoot Zazzala was struck down by the Creeper. He slammed into her back.
"I wouldn't bet on it, your barefoot highness!" he said, "Run for it, Barefoot Lady Gypsy!"

As the Barefoot Lady Gypsy turned invisible again and escaped, the Creeper leaped away, nearly blasted by a nuclear-powered umbrella wielded by the Penguin. The Barefoot Queen Bee warned the Penguin of the attack of Firestorm, and attempted to intervene, only to be attacked by the Creeper yet again. But she was determined to win.

The Creeper learned that taking on Barefoot Zazzala, the Immortal Barefoot Queen Bee, was no laughing matter. "I shall make you my court jester," the purple-haired barefoot woman in the orange and black striped swimsuit costume said, as she blasted at him with her Magno-Nuclear Scepter. The green-haired hero lept to the side. "Jester?" he asked. "I thought you took slaves. I'd love to be your slave. Your love slave. Get it?" The Barefoot Queen Bee buzzed with immense fury. The Creeper laughed anyway, which he often did during times of great stress.

Brainiac and Luthor accessed the Barefoot Queen Bee's progess in the Villain War battles. Art by George Perez and Jerry Ordway.

The Barefoot Lady Gypsy rejoined the battle, now with the Barefoot Lady Vixen fighting at her side, while the Creeper rushed off to join another battle nearby. Furious, Barefoot Zazzala blasted both of the women with her Magno-Nuclear Rod. She swore that her next blast would kill them. The two barefoot heroines ran for cover, as Barefoot Zazzala flew after them.

Firestorm had already easily beaten the Penguin and effectively won the battle by destroying the weapon of the Barefoot Queen Bee with a powerful blast of energy. Then the Nuclear Man used a thick suffocating cloud of smoke to force the Barefoot Queen Bee into unconsciousness. Barefoot Zazzala collapsed, and she dropped down into the icy snow at the grateful Barefoot Lady Vixen's and Barefoot Lady Gypsy's always bare feet, and both of the young barefoot heroines carried Barefoot Zazzala off, as Firestorm flew away. The Barefoot Wonder Woman arrived on the scene and she smiled. Barefoot Diana stood proudly barefoot, as always, in the icy cold snow, happy to see her young barefoot ladyfriends had successfully taken down the Barefoot Queen Bee as their captive.

The three barefoot heroines of the Justice League built a campfire in the park. The heroic barefoot women happily warmed up their bare hands and bare feet by the fire. They drank hot beverages and discussed what was to be done with the captured Barefoot Zazzala as well as the other villains they had already defeated. A blizzard started, and the Barefoot Lady Gypsy and the Barefoot Lady Vixen soon valiantly rushed away on their always bare feet together into the cold snow and freezing winds to combat the remaining villains, while the Barefoot Wonder Woman planned out the terms of the Barefoot Queen Bee's surrender.

The Barefoot Queen Bee then awoke, a prisoner of the Barefoot Wonder Woman's magic lasso. She learned from the Barefoot Amazon Princess Diana that the villains were losing the war. But the conflict soon ended, as the Spectre appeared in the sky, heralding the news that the dreaded Anti-Monitor still lived, recruiting both factions in the war to unite against the common enemy. Bewildered, and unable to continue fighting, the weaponless Barefoot Queen Bee was set free and then returned to Earth-1. Barefoot Zazzala went home to Korll, her spirit broken for the duration of the Crisis. (Crisis On Infinite Earths #9-10)

September 25, 1985. Following the final merging of the Five Earths, a disguised Justice League (The Batman, the Flash, the Green Lantern, the Barefoot Hawkgirl, the Martian Manhunter, Superman, and the Barefoot Wonder Woman) hosted a sting operation using the supposed capture and auction of themselves as bait, caught the Barefoot Queen Bee, together with a large group of wanted super-villains (Amazo, Bane, Black Manta, the Brain, Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, the Barefoot Catwoman, the Barefoot Lady Cheetah, Chronos, Clayface, Count Vertigo, Crazy Quilt, Deadshot, Dr. Light, Dr. Polaris, Evil Star, Firefly, the Floronic Man, Heat Wave, the Key, Barefoot Madame Rouge, Major Disaster, Metallo, Mirror Master, Monsieur Mallah, Mr. Freeze, Parasite, Barefoot Poison Ivy, Professor Zoom, the Riddler, Barefoot Roxy Rocket, Royal Flush Gang, the Shark, Solomon Grundy, Warp, and the Weather Wizard). (Justice League Adventures #6)

September 29, 1985. As revenge for her brief imprisonment, Barefoot Zazzala turned downtown Metropolis into a giant bee colony. It was up to the Justice League (Animal Man, Booster Gold, B'Wana Beast, Barefoot Fire, and Superman) to stop her. The JLA arrived and were immediately drawn into battle. Each used their powers to great effect and it looked like the tide might turn in their favor until Superman was taken out by miniature mutant bees invading his ear canal. Suddenly, Barefoot Fire's smoke didn't work, Booster couldn't outfly the bees, and B'Wana Beast was being repeatedly stung. Animal Man was able to get close to Barefoot Zazzala, but as he was about to take her out, he was ambushed by the larger bees. Animal Man tried various animal personas to fend off the bees and their leader; all failing, he took on the persona of a bee and attacked the Barefoot Queen Bee, and suddenly all of the bees resolved to attack their controller. Following this humiliating defeat, Barefoot Zazzala wouldn't direct her attention toward taking over Earth again for another nine years. (Justice League Unlimited #29)

The Barefoot Queen Bee's Clone.

March 19, 1994. To celebrate her one-hundredth birthday, Barefoot Zazzala commissioned a clone of herself be made in her honor on Korll, to share her royal duties in the empire. Instead of giving birth to this clone herself, she implanted a sample of her DNA into a Generation Matrix Chamber, in which the Barefoot Queen Bee's clone rapidly matured.

March 20, 1994. The clone emerged from the chamber, and thus born, a telepathic link was established between the two Barefoot Queen Bees. Barefoot Zazzala similarly named her clone Barefoot Tazzala, and rapidly imparted all of her vast knowledge into the young replicant. Barefoot Zazzala was pleased to learn that her new clone was ambitious, and desired to conquer Earth in her stead as a regent. Barefoot Zazzala sent her newborn "barefoot sister" as royal representative to join a delegation she had been considering.

April 11, 1994. Earth's dimension was in danger of invasion by an alliance from the otherdimensional world of Terra Arcana. This other-dimensional alliance was headed by Lord Saturna and included other conquerors, including: Barefoot Hyathis of Alstair, Kraad of Kranaal, Kromm of Mosteel, Sayvar the Reptile Lord of Llarr, Simon Magus of Blackstaff, Troll King, Xotar the Weapons Master, and their newest member, Barefoot Tazzala, barefoot sister of Barefoot Zazzala, the original Barefoot Queen Bee, who joined Magus' Terra Arcana Army with the ultimate goal of conquering Earth. To effectively secure Earth's conquest, Saturna's alliance enlisted the help of one Mr. Murray, representative of a powerful consortium on Earth. This group from Earth gave weapons and teleportation technology to the alliance in return for alien real estate. Barefoot Tazzala and Magus soon betrayed Saturna, cutting their own deal with Murray. Barefoot Zazzala was pleased with her barefoot sister's bold initiatives. However, the powerful U.S. Army faction known as the Creature Commandos confronted the alliance and stopped them from launching their full-scale invasion plans. (Creature Commandos #1-7)

April 12, 1994. In the end of the violent conflict, the alliance fell apart from betrayals within. Barefoot Tazzala attempted to kill Barefoot Hyathis, who escaped. She then successfully killed Saturna. She was herself in turn nearly killed by Simon Magus. Barefoot Tazzala survived, though she remained mortally wounded, and was captured by the Creature Commandos, after they had killed the rest of the alliance. Barefoot Zazzala expected costly ransom demands from Earth to get Barefoot Tazzala back. Further tragedies struck. Barefoot Tazzala was still held captive by the Creature Commandos, when a surprise attack destroyed their home base. The wounded and weakened Barefoot Tazzala managed to escape in the chaos, while most of her captors were slain and beheaded by Colonel Nelson Strong's monster-hunting Adventurers' Club, and the headless bodies of the Creature Commandos were launched into space. Barefoot Tazzala was hunted down and murdered by Strong, with an axe blow that had severed her head, as an execution befitted to nobility. (Creature Commandos #8)

The heads of the slain Creature Commandos and Barefoot Tazzala were among the trophies stuffed and mounted on the wall of monster hunter Nelson Strong, who had long sought after Barefoot Zazzala's head for his collection, but then settled on the similar head of Barefoot Tazzala instead. (Swamp Thing #145)

August 30, 1994. The outraged Barefoot Queen Bee called for an all-out invasion upon Earth, knowing full well the utter destruction this would cause. She couldn't rest until she had her revenge upon Nelson Strong. The Barefoot Queen Bee's madness was all soon rendered completely meaningless. During the subsequent Zero Hour event, Strong was killed in action, while fighting to collect the head of the powerful Earth Elemental known as the Swamp Thing in Amsterdam, Holland. With her mortal enemies dead, the Barefoot Queen Bee would have continued her plans for the domination of Earth, but the chaos created in the space/time continuum caused by the Zero Hour Crisis prevented Barefoot Zazzala from mobilizing her forces. (Swamp Thing #146-147)

August 31, 1994. As the Zero Hour event concluded, Barefoot Zazzala sat nude in her royal chamber on Korll. She experienced her origins replayed in her mind from a different perspective. Her mutations progressed even further, and her insect-like multi-faceted eyes evolved again, turning bright blue. Barefoot Zazzala finally came to terms with her beloved beautiful barefoot sister-clone's tragic death. She was determined to continue on with her own life.
(Zero Hour #4-0)

The Barefoot Queen Bee During World War III.

Barefoot Zazzala, the Barefoot Queen Bee, in her new battle armor. Art by Howard Porter.

August 25, 1999. The Barefoot Queen Bee set out on yet another campaign to conquer Earth. She was now clad in her full battle armor, which protected nearly all but her always bare feet, hands, and head. Together with her drones, Barefoot Zazzala returned to Earth. Lex Luthor contacted her to join his newly reorganized Injustice League. She agreed, and prepared for a World War, Barefoot Zazzala set free ally General Wade Eiling (The Shaggy Man) from his asteroid prison. (JLA #34)

The Barefoot Queen Bee, Lex Luthor, Prometheus, and the General attacked the JLA. Art by Howard Porter and John Dell.

October 27, 1999. Aboard Barefoot Zazzala's Hive-Ship, Prometheus knelt before the Barefoot Queen Bee and introduced himself. They met with another new member of Luthor's new Injustice League, General Eiling. The General was brought back by the Barefoot Queen Bee from the asteroid he was isolated on. The General, Luthor, Prometheus, and the Barefoot Queen Bee penetrated the JLA Watchtower's defenses and they caught all of the Justice League (The Green Lantern, the Barefoot Huntress, the Martian Manhunter, Plastic Man, Steel, Superman, and Zauriel) off-guard, when they teleported aboard. With a push of a button, Luthor detonated bombs he had placed within the Watchtower. The Barefoot Huntress plummeted out into space when the Watchtower's shielded walls were breached, but she was soon saved by Superman, who went after the General with Steel. The Barefoot Queen Bee summoned her drone forces from deep space. She then brainwashed the Green Lantern and Steel with her hypno-pollen, although the Huntress was able to free the Green Lantern from Barefoot Zazzala's control, while Steel and Barefoot Zazzala boarded her Hive-Ship and left to launch her invasion of Earth. (JLA #36-37)

While the entrapped Steel, the Barefoot Wonder Woman, and Plastic Man watched on, the Barefoot Queen Bee was confronted by Barefoot Big Barda. Art by Howard Porter and John Dell.

October 28, 1999. The Barefoot Queen Bee's Bee-Troopers headed toward Earth, and after hypnotizing the citizens of New York City, the whole population, even Steel, was controlled by the Barefoot Queen Bee's hypno-pollen. They used various materials to create Barefoot Zazzala's Hive-Base. Inside the Hive, the Barefoot Queen Bee told Steel of her plans to betray Luthor and take Earth as a cornerstone of her vast empire, while in the background, Barefoot Big Barda, Plastic Man, and the Barefoot Wonder Woman were watching in disguise. Barefoot Zazzala forced her slaves to plant an egg matrix which would at last give her command of the entire population of Earth. She also attempted to use her hypno-pollen to hold control of the Green Lantern and Steel, but both heroes were able to fight it off; the Barefoot Huntress had encouraged the Green Lantern to resist the pollen, while Steel's suit protected him from the pollen's effects. The Barefoot Queen Bee sat atop her throne inside her large hive. As she proudly shouted "Long live the Barefoot Queen Bee!" Steel interrupted her with a surprise. He revealed that he was not under her control as she had thought. Steel was never hypnotized after all, his suit's immune systems had protected him from the hypno-pollen and he had been trying to figure out what needed to be destroyed to stop Barefoot Zazzala. With that said, Steel threw his hammer at a large piece of machinery in the center of the hive. Barefoot Big Barda, Plastic Man, and the Barefoot Wonder Woman took off their Bee-Trooper disguises and helped Steel fend off the Barefoot Queen Bee's arsenal. Steel and his JLA comrades started to do some damage to Barefoot Zazzala's base, but Plastic Man was taken out before he could describe his cunning plan. Steel worked out what Plastic Man's plan was to defeat Barefoot Zazzala. Taking advantage of the Barefoot Queen Bee's inability to see the color red, Steel and Plastic Man ambushed Barefoot Zazzala. Steel attacked Barefoot Zazzala while wrapped in his red cloak, as Barefoot Big Barda and the Barefoot Wonder Woman kept Barefoot Zazzala's forces occupied. The Justice League defeated the Barefoot Queen Bee by destroying her Hive-Ship. The JLA banished Barefoot Zazzala and her Bee-Trooper army back to Korll teleporting them by utilizing a Boom Tube, as the swarm would always follow their armored Barefoot Queen Bee, wherever she was. (JLA #38-39)


January 5, 2004. The JLA and the Avengers combined their powers and skills to defeat the villain Krona and his villainous army of two universes, which included the Barefoot Queen Bee. Krona's time-warping influence changed the heroes and their foes as the final battle was waged. (JLA/Avengers #3-4)

Villains United In The Infinite Crisis.

August 10, 2005. The Barefoot Queen Bee - Former Injustice League member and ruler of the planet Korll - assumed the role of Earth's H.I.V.E. Mistress, as an agent of the Secret Society of Super-Villains. With the Barefoot Queen Bee's hypno-pollen, she could bend others to her will and created shock Bee-Trooper drones with ease. However, Barefoot Zazzala was unprepared for an unexpected conflict with Firestorm and the ruthless Secret Six, who ultimately decimated the ranks of H.I.V.E. (Villains United #4)

Amazo, Black Adam, Parasite, and the Barefoot Queen Bee sought revenge on Firestorm. Art by Matt Haley.

September 14, 2005. Barefoot Zazzala swore revenge upon Firestorm for the Secret Six's brutal slaying of the H.I.V.E. She summoned Amazo, Black Adam, the Parasite, the Royal Flush Gang, and Syonide of the Secret Society of Super-Villains to help hunt down Firestorm and kill him. Firestorm escaped with the help of Barefoot Gehenna, a young barefoot girl teleporter. During their escape, Firestorm learned more of the Society's plans and destroyed their base of operations. (Firestorm #17)

October 17, 2005. Brainiac and his allies planned to conquer the world and eliminate the Justice League forever. The extraordinary superpowers and amazing skills of the Justice League (Aquaman, the Batman, the Flash, the Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Barefoot Hawkgirl, the Barefoot Huntress, the Martian Manhunter, Superman, the Barefoot Wonder Woman, and Barefoot Zatanna) ultimately saved humanity from Brainiac, Darkseid, Doomsday, Gorilla Grodd, Key, Barefoot Killer Frost, Barefoot Zazzala the Barefoot Queen Bee, and other dark forces in the universe. The Barefoot Queen Bee was one of the major villain leaders in the Justice League Heroes game for Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable. She was voiced by Barefoot Abby Craden. (Justice League Heroes)

ZZZZZ, The Barefoot Queen Bee In The Future.

Barefoot Queen Bee Elura Regina Zazzala will live for over 1,000 years into the future.

In the Justice League Unlimited episodes "Dead Reckoning", "Great Brain Robbery", "I am Legion", and "Far from Home", the Barefoot Queen Bee was seen as a member of Gorilla Grodd's Legion of Doom in the third season premiere, but she would not make a full appearance until the episode "Far From Home." The Barefoot Supergirl will fight robotic duplicates of Doctor Cyber and Barefoot Zazzala in the distant future for training purposes with the Legion of Super-Heroes, thus proving the continued existence of the Barefoot Queen Bee's great galactic empire will endure, for over one thousand years in the future.

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