Saturday, November 10, 2007

ZZZ (Dutch Band).

Daan Schinkel and Björn Ottenheim on the cover of the ZZZ Album,
The Sound of ZZZ.

ZZZ is a Dutch rock band from Amsterdam, Holland. The band formed in 2000, founded by only two band members: vocalist/drummer Björn Ottenheim and organist Daan Schinkel. This rock band is unusually remarkable in that their instruments only consist of a drumkit and an organ. The duo makes dark, sultry danceable rock that appreciative partying fans have always danced barefoot to, really jammed with it. Ottenheim and Schinkel's first union was in late 2000, Ottenheim was living in a student house on a farm outside Amsterdam, when his father brought over an old organ. Schinkel, one of his housemates, began playing it one day. Ottenheim played his drumkit, rode his cymbal, started to jam along. House-party gigs led to national tours.
Ottenheim and Schinkel styled the band as Psychedelic/Rock/Electro. In 2002, the band produced their demo, Bikini Inferno. "Ecstasy" was the ZZZ single in the soundtrack of the 2003 film Phileine Says Sorry. In 2005, ZZZ's discography included their Excelsior-recorded album The Sound Of ZZZ. The band won an Essent Award for the album and opened shows for Anouk a few times. In 2006, the ZZZ song "O.F.G" was used in the soundtrack of the video game Driver: Parallel Lines. In 2007, they opened the Exhibition Nederclips in Stedelijk Museum's Hertogenbosch SM's by recording a video for the track "Grip" before a live audience. ZZZ has worked with De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Fatboy Slim, Metropole Orchestra, Voicst, and other musical artists.

Schinkel and Ottenheim: The Music Men of ZZZ.

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